About PSI Family

PSI Plumbing, Inc. is a commercial plumbing company that operates in the five boroughs of NYC. We proudly list many of the hotels of Manhattan as our valued customers. Commercial office buildings, apartment/condo building, and NYC schools are also among our valued customers. We also have the ability to provide the highest quality of fire sprinkler and standpipe service to all our valued customers.

PSI Industrial, Inc. is our pump system sales and service company. We operated in the entire metropolitan area from Stanford, CT down to Trenton, NJ and as far west as Easton, PA. We have the capability to service all types of pump systems. We proudly represent ABS Pumps for this area and welcome the opportunity to redesign all types of pump systems that have chronic re-occurring failures. We work with local contractors as well as home owners to provide a trouble free system. We provide the pumps as well as the control systems, which eliminates the need for multiple contractors.

Plumbing Specialists, Inc. is our New Jersey licensed plumbing counterpart which handles residential and commercial plumbing to Northern and Central New Jersey. We have teamed up with cabinet companies, pool companies and home remodelers to help one another to provide the highest level of services as a team.